Organs Trading

Barely two weeks after lambasting those who clamour for organs trading to be legalised, the Singapore Health Minister has made a stunning U-turn. Iran is the only country in the world where organs trading is legal. It’s an issue fraught with complexities but Singapore is capable of resolving them, and be a pioneer. The executive chairman of CK Tangs, a well-known departmental store in Singapore, is being charged in court for attempting to purchase kidneys from two Indonesians who have since been fined and jailed. The middleman in the saga has also been charged. It is all very well for those who are healthy to pontificate and declare organs trading as unethical and illegal. I can feel the desperation of those afflicted with organ failure. If I were similarly afflicted, I’d certainly try to circumvent the law and obtain an organ. We’re talking about life and death here.

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