discipline in singapore schools, horror stories from singapore schools

A teacher friend related to me an incident in his school that exemplifies this breakdown of school discipline and respect for teachers in Singapore schools. A secondary school student slapped a teacher, and was caned in the classroom. No suspension, nothing.

What if a teacher were to slap a student? I guarantee you all hell will break loose.

Another friend related how he accidently hit a student. The class was lining up outside the classroom and he was gesturing to them to behave and in the process his hand brushed against a student’s head. The parents complained, and a big investigation involving the school superintendent ensued, a drama befitting a US Senate hearing!

It’s time the authorities launched a RESPECT TEACHERS campaign as in the EPL (English Premier League)

(We are all busy people so I’ve deliberately kept this post short. My aim is that readers will not take more than a minute to read my posts. Further horror tales from Singapore schools will follow in due course)

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