Every time I see Mugabe on TV or in the papers

I get angry. He has ruined his country. Now,

cholera has killed more than 500 of his people.

The epidemic has spread to neighbouring

countries like South Africa. Zimbabwe is clearly

a failed state, and Mugabe should step down as


One man can cause so much suffering for so

many. Incredible.


One Response to “GO, MUGABE, GO! SHAME ON YOU!”

  1. Like Idi Amin. History repeats itself. Wanted to rename Uganda after himself. Called his cabinet together and insisted. But a daredevil in his inner circle told him quietly, “Sir, it’s great to call Uganda after you but if the people in Cyprus are called Cypriots, what can we call the new nation of IDI?”

    There was stunned silence but a meek voice said, “Maybe… idiots?”
    Amin, for once, agreed with his circle.

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