Are you happy?

Do you know that in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, it’s not the pursuit of wealth but happiness that’s more important. Now health experts are saying that happiness is contagious. Nothing new really. When you are with your friends having a good time, you tend to be happy.

But this sort of happiness is brief.

What I’m more interested to know is what makes people happy ALL THE TIME OR MOST OF THE TIME.  To me happiness is more important than money.

Can you share with me?


3 Responses to “Are you happy?”

  1. I don’t know how one can be happy all the time or most of the time. Perhaps a person who is out of his mind and lives in a world of his own can experience it.

    I am happy I can be happy half of the time. Not much of a comment though. Will try harder the next time.

    Enjoying your blogs and the varying themes and articles. Keep it going but keep your saddle hot too!

  2. Hard for me to guess the happiest countries. Definitely not ours. Ask Robin Williams. He’s great with making others happy! Not USA? Could it be that singer who recorded a song, “Don’t worry, be happy!” Which country is he from?

    My guess? I think it’s Papua New Guinea where tribesmen wear the penis gourd or KOTEKA (in case you don’t know ‘kotek’ is penis in Malay). Must be the happiest guys on earth. No need to put on underwear, pants, socks, shoes, shirt. Naked all the time. Wah if that’s not happiness what is?

  3. Happiness is everywhere around you, is just that you need to know where to hunt for it and know how to start the happiness that enable you to feel the true Blessing…

    “True Happiness”, comes from the “sincerity of heart”, often all these “True Happiness”, even you have the real paper money, you are not able to buy it….

    Cheers up! Old pal… I believe you are enjoying your almost life in blogging……….

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