China products boycotted by consumers

It seems consumers are boycotting made in China food products in the aftermath of their melamine tainted food scandal. Once your name stinks, it will take years to rehabilitate it.


The root causes of China’s plight are many: corruption, poverty, a lack of supervision and quality control, a culture of cover-ups, a culture of propaganda and so on.


First it was toys, then food. What’s next?


It could be medicinal products. Have you ever read the label on a Chinese medicinal product? You know, their medicine will claim to cure all kinds of ailments from A – Z.


I am not into China-bashing here but just feel sad that a great country like China can’t get its act together.


This is the 21st century, and knowledge is available at the click of the mouse. You remember the

case of the New Zealand schoolgirl who tested and discovered that her Ribena drink contained less than the vitamin C the manufacturer claimed it had? How humiliated the company must have felt! 



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