Mugabe of Zimbabwe Must Go – 10 reasons why.

Robert Mugabe

Why Mugabe of Zimbabwe must go:

  1. Poor health care for his people e.g. life expectancy at birth for both sexes in the 30s, one of the lowest in the world
  2. Economic decline of the country e.g. inflation has reached 11,000%  in April 2008 (IMF)
  3. He is a racist dictator, targeting the wealth of the whites
  4. He boasted that he wished he could be a Hitler tenfold
  5. His people are suffering from starvation, dependent on food aid from other nations. It was once a major producer of food for the region.
  6. Massive human rights abuses
  7. Electoral fraud to stay in power
  8. The economic collapse has been so dramatic that it has been compared with that of Weimar Germany
  9. A repressive and dictatorial regime
  10. He is in his early 82. Does one so old really have the energy left to run a modern state?

US and EU  banned him from travelling their countries. His British knighthood and honorary degrees had been withdrawn. He faces US economic sanctions. Cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe threatens his neighbours.

He has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980. The British PM has said,”Enough is enough.”

If any country is ripe for a regime change it’s surely Zimbabwe.

What do you say, reader?

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