Mumbai terrorists – holy warriors or murderers or plain cowards?

Were the Mumbai terrorists,who killed nearly 200 people and injured hundreds, truly holy warriors or just plain murderers and cowards?

Armed with grenades and modern weapons they murdered defenseless women, children, the elderly and visitors to India. They even murdered fellow Muslims.

Pick somebody your own size, and when you die under fire I’ll have no hesitation in calling you a hero. Otherwise, you’re just a bully and coward.

ALL religions, and I respect all religions, teach us peace and love. To kill others because of   injustices against Muslims in India is totally wrong. To achieve change, the political process is the best.

After 27 years in prison, did Nelson Mandela call for revenge? No, he instead fought for change through reconciliation and negotiation.

Nelson Mandela

How about Martin Luther King Jr? He fought against injustices against native Americans  through non-violent means and civil disobedience.


Change cannot come about overnight. It may take years. You need to win the hearts and minds of people, and you can’t achieve this if violent means are used.

Clearly, the Mumbai terrorists were murderers, cowards and street bullies.


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