How on earth did this happen to Oprah?

It’s unbelievable that this could have happened to talk show queen Oprah who dishes out advice to others on how to  live their lives! Now she’s admitted she tips the scales at  a massive 90 kg , up from just 72 kg two years ago.

Before her frank admission  when I remarked to friends that Oprah is obese, they said I was mean.

This puts her in the obese category. However, she’s in good company as 60% of her fellow Americans are classified as obese.

C’mon, Oprah, time to get your act together.


One Response to “How on earth did this happen to Oprah?”

  1. She was so happy when her kaki Obama was elected for the presidency that she ate her heart out, literary, even refusing to interview Sarah Palin when white groups lobbied for it. There’s an old rock song somewhere, “Black Is Black!”

    I don’t mind her shows but I thought she’s supposed to be colour blind and slim. I guess she’s echoing Obama, “Change, we must have change!”

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