Body-piercing: don’t try this at home.


During the Hindu festival of Thaipusam celebrated mostly by the Tamil community in Singapore devotees have skewers, little spears and little hooks pierced into their bodies and tongues. In addition to this, they carry a floral tribute of peacock feathers and then walk a few kiolmetres to the temple. In so enduring the pain they gain merit.

It’s an interesting and colorful spectacle.thaipusam-2007-014thaipusam-2007-018thaipusam-2007-021thaipusam-2007-030thaipusam-2007-023


One Response to “Body-piercing: don’t try this at home.”

  1. I remember trying to clip my finger nails and screamed when I saw blood all over the floor after accidentally clipping off a piece of my flesh instead. The pain too was excruciating.

    Cannot imagine how these devotees manage with all that piercing.

    It must be faith. I admire them.

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