AFF Suzuki Cup – why ASEAN soccer has become a laughing stock

AFF officials should step down because they’ve not been unable or unwilling to discipline errant players and officials thus bringing the game into disrepute and making ASEAN soccer a laughing stock.


Players, coaches and officials will continue to take advantage of their soft  approach to show ill-temper, tantrums or ,worse, violence.


Mark what I say. This will happen again in the semis and finals.


These are all national players, many professionals, so they know the rules. They are not schoolboys, right?


AFF sent them to workshops prior to the competition hoping their attitude can change. But like schoolboys as long as it’s just talk and no action, ASEAN soccer will continue to be marred by indiscipline on the field, openly condoned by their coaches and officials.


This sorry state of affairs has gone on since 2004 . Has AFF been sleeping?



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  1. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

  2. The ruling body must be more professional. I won’t be surprised the next edition of the game will be marred by incidents. Do the officials know what they’re doing?

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