Teen Mums

I was both saddened and incensed to read about young people barely out of their teens but already saddled with the burden of having a child. Can you imagine being a mother at 18?

Worse, some are still in school. With no income or little money how are they going to give their child a good start in life? To my mind, they have been irresponsible and stupid.

In the coming years they’ll have to bear an increasingly greater financial burden. With no proper qualifications to speak of how much can they earn?

And those who come to their defense show their equally immature and irresponsible views.

At this stage of their lives, young people should focus more on their studies. A moment of folly will lead to a lifetime of regret. When money problems arise, the arguments and quarrels will start. Trust me, I should know.

In life one must have the right values imparted by your parents, teachers or elders to guide you on life’s journey. They have travelled on that journey earlier than you so it’s foolish to ignore their advice.


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  1. Teenage pregnancy is a common social ailment and has been around for a long time. Is there a solution? I doubt.

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