AFF Suzuki Cup – who will win in Vietnam vs Singapore semi-final?


Who do you think will win in the semi-final this Wednesday between Vietnam and Singapore in the AFF Suzuki Cup?


Despite Singapore’s air of confidence, I think Vietnam will prevail. Why? The reason is simple: the fanaticism of their supporters. I’ve seen their fanatical supporters at first-hand when I was in Vietnam. If they win this semi it’s like they have won a World Cup encounter. Their players won’t let their supporters down.


So I pick Vietnam to win by one goal.


Why don’t I pick Singapore to win? Simple again. Because, the Singapore team is not really A PURE SINGAPORE TEAM but full of IMPORTED PLAYERS. Enough said about the “Singapore” team.


3 Responses to “AFF Suzuki Cup – who will win in Vietnam vs Singapore semi-final?”

  1. Vietnam lost 2-0 to Thailand.. Read the whole story on the AFF Suzuki Cup only on

  2. u are right, how could u know Vnese football so well. they have got really footballism fan for only national team. just so happy, congratulations for Vnese… 😀

    • The Vietnamese team impressed me the most, and surely they deserve to be the champion. Won with the last kick. How dramatic can it get, huh?

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