Vladimir Yarets,a deaf mute, where on earth is he?

Where on earth is the deaf mute guy called Vladimir Yarets from Belarus, Russia, who is aiming for a place in the Guiness Book of Records by biking round the world on his BMW bike?


Friends, worry not. He’s safely in Singapore.


At 67, this amazing and fearless guy is still tough and fit. His handshake was vise-like but my workouts in the gym finally prove useful as I reciprocated his powerful grip.


To find out more go to http://www.yarets.com


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  1. With all the excitement, he forgot to tell you that he is actually a Christmas present from Vladimir Putin.

    If you look carefully at his motor bike you can see a greeting card pasted on tbe body of the oil tank which reads, ‘FROM RUSSIA, WITH LOVE”

    Hope Putin really means it.

  2. The Russians are coming! Remember this funny movie from the 70s? What took him so long, huh?

  3. I met Vladimir Yarets (twice) when he has travelling thru Sydney Australia. He is an inspiration to everyone he meets. I hope he makes it into the Guinness Book of Records!

  4. Vladimir is in UAE! Or was, last week for the Bike Show here! I had a chance to meet him and click pictures with him! This is just FYI. 🙂

    • I met vladimir yesterday in Al qusais Area, Dubai near Al-Lulu center, this guy is amazing mashaAllah.
      I tried to contact him and send him the pictures, but his email on the website is not working :S does any body know anything about how to contact him, I also want to offer him any help while he is here.

  5. Thank you very much, Swati. Appreciate it. Any pictures on your blog?

  6. Thank you Ameer for the update. Maybe his website is down or ,worse, no longer active.He would certainly appreciate any help you can render.

  7. hola me reuni con vladimir hace una semana aqui en buenos aires argentina.la verdad untipo fantastico,le deceo un buen viaje

  8. Thank you for your comment but could you briefly say it in English please.

  9. He was in Nottingham England, today Saturday 31 July 2010

  10. I met Vladimir Yarets with his bike yesterday, 22nd September 2010, in Bristol UK. He looked well and full of enthusiasm.

  11. On 27th of July I met Vladimir in Scotland in Edinburgh. He is a very nice man with a lot of courage.

  12. Hello, is Vladimir still travelling around the world?
    Last time I saw him was in Scotland in 2010(see message above) and in the mean time there are no new replies on this site .
    Is Vladimir OK?
    Greeting from Gerard (The Netherlands )

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