Whack you with my shoes, you dog!

Even Hollywood could not have come up with such a brilliant script.

George W. Bush had two shoes thrown at him from an Iraqi at a

news conference! He tried to act cool, not realising that to

be whacked with the sole of a shoe is the ultimate insult in the

Arab world.

It’s a fitting send-off for someone who unjustly invaded Iraq.

Bush got off lightly actually.

I’m not an Arab nor a Muslim but I find the insult first-rate. The

shoe-thrower should be given a medal.


2 Responses to “Whack you with my shoes, you dog!”

  1. Hi sir. I think it would be better if you have also added this link, a video footage.

    Take care & best regards

  2. Good suggestion, Ezzy. Done. See ARSECAR AWARDS2008.

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