Malaysian police arrests teen protesters on bicycles

The Malaysian teens were staging a protest against low wages, poor public housing and other social inequalities. From the north and the south they headed to the capital, Kuala Lumpur. They were riding their bicycles, and each had hoped to cover the 400 km to the capital.

But along the way the Malaysian police waylaid and arrested these youngsters, claiming it was for their safety! Given the unsavoury reputation of the Malaysian police it’s a ludicrous excuse.


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  1. I remember in the 60s, while cycling along Paya Lebar Road with two friends we were confronted by four Malaysian policemen (they were still in charge here). Because it was dark and there were no flashlights on our bicycles they collected 20 Cents each from us and then let us go!

    “Fine, fine!” they told us. Dua puloh sen also jadi.

    An instant reminder: Bicycles + Malaysian Police = Bad Chemistry.

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