Mamma Mia-the feel-good movie for recessionary times

If you are feeling the blues and have difficulty extricating yourself from your moodiness, see this feel-good movie, Mamma Mia based  on the ABBA songs.

I’ve seen it, and let me tell you it’s very lively with never a dull moment unlike other movies claiming to be a blockbuster. The   catchy tunes will reverberate in your mind for a few days, making you feel good.


One Response to “Mamma Mia-the feel-good movie for recessionary times”

  1. Just a feel good movie. I cannot connect Meryl Streep with Abba, just can’t.

    Abba’s music will live on. Like many radio and TV jingles, carved in our brains forever. “We’ve got the power!”

    Good for ABBA. From ALLA.

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