AFF Suzuki Cup – 6 reasons why Vietnam will lose in second leg semi-final

I will jump into the Singapore River if the outcome of the second leg semi-final between Vietnam and Singapore does not end with Vietnam losing.

Here are 6 reasons why Vietnam will lose:

  1. their fans are demoralised

  2. their media have no faith in their Portuguese coach

  3. their players are entering the Lions den

  4. their players are disheartened

  5. Singapore is a talented team with IMPORTED TALENT

  6. With IMPORTED TALENT Singapore will be the laughing stock in ASEAN soccer if they were to lose.


4 Responses to “AFF Suzuki Cup – 6 reasons why Vietnam will lose in second leg semi-final”

  1. Singapore will stand a very high chance of going through to the Finals. But the ball is round. I really hope to see Singapore clinching the spot to the Finals. =D

  2. Singapore will go down. As always. They never make it in crucial matches. Never in a final match. Or maybe once.

    But this one they will lose. You bet!

  3. hahaha!

    Singapore lost!

    When will you jump into Singapore river, Guy?

    Vietnam! king of asean!

    • Congrats to Vietnam. I hope Vietnam can beat Thailand and be the champ for the first time. Ya, I have to Jump into the Singapore River and the Mekong if Vietnam don’t beat Thailand.

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