Cats, dogs, they eat them all.

It is said that the Chinese eat anything on four legs except a table. I know they eat dogs. I have seen the poor dogs imprisoned in small cages in Yunnan waiting for buyers to turn them into a feast, purportedly to keep them warm during the winter months.

So news that they now eat cats hardly surprised me. But what surprised me was a group of Chinese demonstrating against this cat-eating spree. Perhaps, it has something to do with the economic crunch as cats are rounded up in a number of Chinese cities and sent to Guangdong.

The Chinese constantly brag about their 5000 years of history. But what’s the use of this boast if one behaves in an uncivilised manner?

Shame on those who eat cats and dogs. Shame!

If you have been to China you’ll notice a marked absence of bird life. Even house lizards are an endangered species.


3 Responses to “Cats, dogs, they eat them all.”

  1. I have seen how a dog was killed for the dinner table when I was 5 years old. It was in Bencoolen, Sumatra, Indonesia and I was in the vast compound of a neighbour’s home. The Chinese family put the live dog into a gunny sack which was submerged in a pool of water in a large bathtub. As the dog struggled, four men with long, sturdy poles held the slowly drowning dog until it moved no more.

    The rest I cannot describe. I was glad no one in my family touched the dog dishes. I didn’t attend the gathering but cried that night.

  2. What a horrible and nightmarish experience for you. The capacity of man to inflict such inhumane acts not only on animals but also on their fellow man continues to amaze me.

  3. This indeed fulfill the criteria of the famous saying, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” The act was brutal but to those who love the dish, they see that as delicacies. *yikes.

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