AFF Suzuki Cup second leg semi-final, why they are blowing their trumpets

The whole of Vietnam, from the Mekong delta in the south to Hanoi in the north, Vietnamese exploded in joy over their team’s victory over Singapore in the second leg semi-final in Singapore.

Vietnamese youths screamed and roared on their motor-bikes, causing massive traffic jams.

Perhaps, their victory was in no small way due to Uncle Ho whose huge portrait Vietnamese fans displayed proudly at the National Stadium.

Vietnam deserve to enter the final.

In the first leg semi they were unlucky not to score in spite of their dominance. But their gutsy display impressed many. Again, in Singapore they displayed the same commitment, defending very well against a desperate Singapore.

Result: Singapore 0 Vietnam 1

Well done, Vietnam. May you be the champ this time.


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  1. The ball is indeed round. The Lions really ought to have themselves to blame. The crowd was there, the support was there but perhaps this is what fate & destiny has for us, the Lions, to lose the spot at our very own soil. =(

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