AFF Suzuki Cup second-leg semi-final Vietnam vs Singapore. Don’t cry for me Singapore


We all knew who the favorites were in the second-leg semi-final between these two teams but why did the favourites’ fans treat them in such a lukewarm manner?

More than 40,000 Singapore fans turned up to watch their team play Vietnam but despite the huge turnout, there were only intermittent cheers for the Singapore team. This surely must have puzzled the 3000 odd Vietnamese supporters whose vocal support matched if not exceeded that of the 40000 Singapore fans.

Strange indeed.

But not if you understand Singapore soccer. There are 2 main reasons:

  1. Thanks to EPL, the European Cup etc interest in Singapore soccer has waned tremendously

     2.    The Singapore team has many imported talent drawn from other nationalities. Singaporeans find it hard to be attached to such a team that is not a pure national team. Indeed, many Singaporeans never miss the oppportunity to make derisive remarks about this so-called national team. The same sentiment applies to the Singapore table-tennis team, made up mainly of China imports.

You may say Oh, times have changed, this is a globalised world, every country is doing it etc. You have a point there.

But the telling fact is that it’s not a true Singapore NATIONAL team that Singaporeans can identify with.

Chao em, chao ngoi viet…hope you become the Champion (after 10 long years).


4 Responses to “AFF Suzuki Cup second-leg semi-final Vietnam vs Singapore. Don’t cry for me Singapore”

  1. Sir, I bet to differ. Those 40000 fans could have stayed at home to watch the FIFA Club World Cup Final. They can’t be all ABU fans, right? The mere fact that they went down to the so called “LAST MATCH FOREVER” National Stadium to support the Lions have shown great spirits. It is really a pity that the Lions have to lose in front of a home crowd.

  2. kaka!

    So cool


    • In sports we must be sporting. If Vietnam lose to Thailand my friends say I shouldn’t go back to Vietnam.

  3. Oh, oh… Like Ezzy Chan says, “Ball is round.” Even if it’s square and the square is right smack before the goal post for shots, we’ll lose. It’s the players.

    Sporting spirit? Or money spirit?

    Maybe more money would motivate them to win?

    But then I gave up watching Singapore football. “Long time ago in…”

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