AFF Suzuki Cup – Singapore need the 4-letter word to win? (Second-leg semi-final against Vietnam.

It seems Singapore lacked the 4-letter word in order to win the

second-leg semi-final against Vietnam. No, not what you think. The

4-letter word is LUCK, according to a Singapore player.


But their loss was due more to their woeful finishing. Their shots

at goal were over ambitious and speculative and the team were

bereft of ideas on how to overcome the tight Vietnamese defense

No, friends, they need the other 4-letter word not LUCK. What do

you think?


2 Responses to “AFF Suzuki Cup – Singapore need the 4-letter word to win? (Second-leg semi-final against Vietnam.”

  1. Wow, off-hand, i really cannot think of any other 4 letter word that fits the description of the Lions’ loss.

    I was wondering if the word “Fate” is the mystery word that Sir is looking for.

    Because fate & destiny deny the Lions to do a three in a row appearance in the finals. =D

  2. They lost. And it’ll be the same hogwash again and again.

    Mah Bow Tan mentioned 3 years ago that we’ll have a World Cup Team by 2010. His head has been on the chopping block since he made this remark. We can’t even win on an Asean field let alone on a World field.

    I gave up watching local football since Quah Kim Song’s time. Soon the axe will fall on MBT.

    How much are we spending on the Singapore Team anyway?

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