AFF Suzuki Cup – who will be the ASEAN Soccer King?

Who will be the AFF Suzuki Cup Champion 2008 is the question on many soccer fans’ minds. The Thais will say We’ll be the champion. The Vietnamese will of course say the same thing.

But what about others who no longer have any stake in the outcome? Like me from Singapore, for example.

Vietnam was able to beat the defending champion and Singapore is a strong team surely. It says a lot about Vietnamese grit and fighting spirit. They seem to have peaked at the right time, and are hungrier than the Thais for success.

Their fans are some of the most fanatical I’ve seen in football. They’ve waited 10 long years for success at the ASEAN level.

Their time has arrived, and they’ll be the new champion. If not my friends, who support Thailand, have told me to jump into the Mekong River. No problem there. You know why?


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  1. This is something like a thrill to watch soccer. It may seem clear cut that team A may win but sometimes underdog team B may snatch all the glory within split seconds despite the mere fact on their possession is like way lesser than 50% of the game. The ball is round. Hehe, sir. =D

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