AFF Suzuki Cup -do you know which country should cover their faces in SHAME?

Who is to be held responsible for this sorry and shameful episode in the AFF Suzuki Cup tournament?


The local papers in Singapore have been highlighting the soccer violence between Singapore and Vietnamese fans during the second-leg of the semi-final at the National Stadium.


Shame on the Singapore fans who attacked and abused the Vietnamese fans.


The FA Singapore and AFF have been complacent. Whether it’s violence on the field (e.g. Myanmar goalie pushing the ref) or violence involving fans, the authorities have not been doing enough. Haven’t they learnt how other FAs dealt with soccer hooliganism?


I’d like to apologise to Vietnamese fans for this disrespectful and disgraceful conduct of Singapore fans. People must learn to lose graciously.


C’mon, it’s only a game, a regional game at that. There’s always another tournament, right?


My sympathy is with Vietnam. So, I’ll be cheering for them in the final. May Vietnam be the champion.


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  1. Yes, indeed. It’s really disgraceful as the old Chinese saying, “Seek revenge on only those who have inflict the pain on you.” I’m not promoting violence in any form whether for pleasure, thrill or simply an expression of displeasure. The poor Vietnamese fans who are merely here to support thier team so when we played sloppy and they capitalised on it. The local fans shouldn’t take their frustration and anger to vent on poor visitors. I doubt the Vietnamese fans will be that intellectually challenged to provoke the local fans. Those fans, who wish to express some form of displeasure, should unleash on the Lions and their manager and not on the Vietnamese fans.

    This is very damaging to our status as a gracious society & we welcome tourists and also as a true soccer nation who will eventually participate in World Cup.We love football till the extent of eat football, drink football, sleep football but not having any ties with soccer hooligans. =D

    I rest my case.

    ps. Merry Christmas to you.

    Take care & best regards

  2. A very mature and sensible point of view. The world should have more true soccer fans like Ezzy Chan. I’ve watched soccer at our National Stadium for more than 30 years, and in fairness I must say violence at the stadium is rare but, of course, this does not condone what had happened.

  3. Can we really participate in the World Cup EzzyChan? Read my comment about MBT and his four-D numbers, 2010.

    Human nature dear Roger. Suppressed emotions perhaps? When best to release but at times of competition. Healthy.

  4. Thanks Chimpanzee Chong for your comments. From Orang Utang Mah.

  5. The key word is very much emphasized on a single word “eventually”. Who knows it may be realised within my life time. Keeping my fingers crossed and I do share that dream. =D

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