Singapore is a fine city

SINGAPORE IS A FINE, FINE CITY, a fact  beyond dispute.

Fine infrastructure, fine roads, fine urban landscaping, fine cuisine, fine shopping etc

Jay walking? Fine, $500 please. Littering? Fine. Late in paying your TV license? Fine, naturally.

In this fine culture in Singapore, everything attracts a fine.

Even a fine for returning your library books late. Thanks to tardy library users, the National Library has “earned” a whopping $7 million in fines. Never knew books can earn you so much money just by loaning them out.

Excuse me, I’ve to go and pay my library fine (15 cents). Better clear my debt to the National Library Board of Singapore.

My wish list: hope NLB, with the $7 million earned from fines, can provide chairs and tables for Sengkang Library.


3 Responses to “Singapore is a fine city”

  1. Perhaps too there will be more copies of new titles so that the borrower doesn’t need to wait too long for one?

  2. Sengkang library facilities is very little, especially the the chairs and table is very miserable little, and most people has to be scatter around the floor to read, the chairs there are very hard not like other libraries, in singapore.

    Other library in singapore, there is always a reading corner where there are chairs or sofa to settle in to read. The fines that are collected should be used to bring in more features in certain areas to have more facilities to use….

  3. Thank you Ferrari for your views which i agree totally as I go to this particular library often. I’ ve written to NLB about this matter. Maybe you could write to them as well?

    They “make” $7 million from fines so, yes, I am sure they can afford to buy proper seats for us. People scattered all over the floor as you rightly pointed out creates a bad impression. Happy reading. (See how comfy the new Yishun Library in North Point is and it’s also a Mall library.

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