Unfair fuel surcharge by Singapore tour companies

Thinking of going to Genting Highlands I went to Golden Mile to book a bus ticket. When I asked why there was a fuel surcharge despite plunging oil price, the lady with the bus company said, “Last time, $14 but now we charge only $10.”

This is absurd.

Their buses always fill up with cheap subsidised petrol in Malaysia, even for Thailand bound buses.

In a 24-seater SVIP bus, the bus company rakes in SGD $240 at $10 surcharge per passenger .This works out to RM 570 which is enough to pay for the petrol for a return trip to Genting.

This practice is unfair to the consumer, and the Singapore authorities must investigate to see if this surcharge is justified.

The only way to protest is not to give them your business.

If you really have to travel you can consider going over to JB where tickets are much cheaper. For senior citizens the trains offer a hefty rebate apart from being safer and more comfortable.

It’s like the price hike for kopi-o. You can choose not to drink or drink less. Consumers need not feel powerless.

Let’s not be taken for a ride by these unscrupulous and socially irresponsible tour companies.


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  1. These tour operators take advantage of the forthcoming Spring Festival to cash in on passengers who have no choice but to ride North for family reunions.

    Don’t use these companies and if it’s unnecessary don’t travel north at all!

    Is it an Asian mentality to legal cheat or is it human nature?

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