Fuel surcharge by Singapore tour companies -why pay more?

Singapore tour companies continue to levy a fuel surcharge (see earlier blog on why this is unjustified). But travellers can resist being taken for a ride by these unscrupulous companies. Simple.

Don’t give them your business. How? For those who are new to travelling by coach to Malaysia or Thailand, read on.

This is how you can save money and avoid being taken to hostage by the socially irresponsible tour companies

1.Travel from JB. Take bus 170 or the yellow Larkin bus from Kranji MRT station to JB. Both terminate at Larkin Bus Terminal.

2.You can also take an SMRT bus to JB from Woodlands MRT

3.In JB you can buy bus tickets cheaply at either Merlin Towers opposite the railway station in town or from Larkin Bus Terminal.

4.Larkin Bus Terminal has many bus companies selling tickets to every part of Malaysia and Thailand

5.You can either pre-book or buy on the spot and hop onto the bus (no problem for normal day.

6.At Larkin ignore the touts and buy your tickets from the bus counter.

7.For senior citizens (55 and above) Malayan Railway gives rebates if you prefer the train but buy tickets in JB.

Why pay more?

If consumers simply give in to unfair and unjustified practices then they only have themselves to blame if prices keep on rising.

Happy travelling.


2 Responses to “Fuel surcharge by Singapore tour companies -why pay more?”

  1. haha, they can raise the price till rocket or even sky high. But Ezzy Boi is not going to visit Malaysia at all. lol

    The power is yours. Keep the money for rainy days. Just close the doors and hang “DO not Disturb” outside your door so that nobody will even visit you during Lunar New Year. No need to spend money to go to Malaysia or Indonesia or the matter, any other parts of the World.


    Take care & best regards

  2. An interesting perspective. Ha ha hanging a Don’t Disturb sign during CNY is a great idea. Unless these unscrupulous companies are punished by consumers in not patronising them, they’ll continue to swindle their customers. Pump cheap subsidised petrol in Malaysia and make us pay a fuel surcharge. Ridiculous! If airlines can scrap their fuel charges why can’t they.

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