So you think you have a high IQ? Dare you to take this quiz then.

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Answer True or False. If false, give reasons. All questions must be attempted.

  1. Babies find our libraries boring.                   (     )
  2. Singapore libraries are the best in ASEAN.         (     )
  3. Toddlers find the libraries interesting.     (      )
  4. Teens simply love the libraries.      (     )
  5. The libraries can make money from loaning out books.   (     )
  6. Apart from borrowing books you can sleep in the libraries for free.  (      )
  7. Eat and drink as much as you like in them.   (     )
  8. Libraries are perfect for playing hide and seek.   (     )
  9. They are also perfect for practising short sprints in air-conditioned comfort.  (     )
  10. Libraries are quieter than book stores.    (     )

Answers in due course.


4 Responses to “So you think you have a high IQ? Dare you to take this quiz then.”

  1. Guess that I must be pretty bored while working….

    1. T, else they won’t be yawning and sleeping all the time. =D
    2. T, in terms of collection of books and the long queues in the reservation list.
    3. T, else they won’t sing in the tune of Madonna, “This used to be my playground.”
    4. T, for obvious reasons. A free airconditioned place to socialise with their friends.
    5. T, else they won’t make millions of dollars.
    6. T, absolutely true. Dozing or sleeping in the library is not an offence, and in fact many have used it to catch a wink during lunch break. See for yourself if you have doubts.
    7. T, without food and drink, the readers lack energy to continue to do their socialising, sleeping, running and etc.
    8. T, Cozy and yet plenty of spots to play this game. Not to mention that the fact that the library is fully airconditioned.
    9. T, now you see why our runners can never make it big in thr sports arena. They did all their trainings in the cozy library.
    10. F, you must be kidding. Hardly anyone in the book stores now as we’re hit by the economy turmoil. We’re saving every scraps for our survival.

    Take care & best regards

  2. Wow, Ezzy, I’d expected you to be the first off the block. Your answers are revelatory of a high IQ. Answers soon though. Tomorrow I leave for Malaysia to help stimulate their flagging economy. To be precise, to Genting Highlands to freeze in the cold.

  3. Oh ya, forgot to mention, Ezzy, that your answers are really humorous and witty (the latter incontrovertible proof of high IQ). You make my day! Thanks

  4. Have a good trip Mr. Poh and have a restful holiday. Meanwhile we in the libraries in Singapore might have to cope again with the usual.

    The only quiet place I can think of in the Central Library is the room where you view the microfilms.

    Ahh, peace at last. I am in Genting too.

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