Lese Majeste law in Thailand

I am perturbed to read that an Australian writer has been jailed for three years under the Thai draconian lese majeste law for insulting the Thai king in a novel he self-published.

The punishment is exceedingly harsh when you consider the fact that only 7 of his novels were sold!

Now a Thai political analyst has been charged with the same offense.

Critics believe the Thai lese majeste laws are being used to crush dissent and to prop up the current government.

If things are taken to the extreme, Thailand may end up like North Korea where everyone hero worships Dear Leader out of self-preservation.

As a Buddhist country, the Thai authorities should show greater compassion towards the Australian author and release him.

Surely he ‘s not a threat to Thailand, least of all to the Thai monarchy. Thailand’s image has already been battered last year by Thai protesters shutting down their airport.

Releasing the Australian will help to restore Thailand’s image internationally as a land not only of smiles but also of compassion.


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  2. I remember I was in Bangkok some years ago when one of the Princesses from the Thai Royal Family came shopping. As the motorcade came close to the lobby, we were all told to stand at attention and bow. When I refused a security guard told me in not too pleasant words to follow the law. My wife nudged me and started to cry.

    I obeyed orders. Enforcement. After all I am no Thai citizen but in Thailand, do as the Thais. But I felt louzy!

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