Unfair fuel surcharges in Singapore – even ferry operators are guilty

There have been two letters in the letters pages of the Singapore papers highlighting the continued imposition of the fuel surcharge by Singapore tour companies plying between Malaysia and Thailand.

Another letter in TODAY paper points out that even ferry operators are playing the same game.

Fair is fair, right? When oil price shot up to US$140 last year, we accepted the fuel surcharge grudgingly but now that oil price has plunged to below US$40 a barrel, it’s only fair that the fuel surcharge be scrapped as there’s no longer any justification for it.

Even airlines have seen it fit to scrap the fuel surcharge.

Fuel surcharges add to the financial burden of the man in the street .particularly in this financial crisis.

In Malaysia, permission must be sought from the government before any fuel surcharge can be levied.

The Singapore authorities should take this matter very seriously, and do something about it.

(Latest:  oil price has fallen to US$34)

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