Consumer Association of Singapore asks justification for fuel levy.

  1. CASE to coach companies: Justify fuel levy
05:55 AM January 24, 2009
Letter from Seah Seng Choon
Executive Director, Consumers Association of Singapore

WE SHARE Mr Roger Poh’s observation that express bus companies continue to levy fuel surcharges even though oil prices have plunged (“Why the fuel levy, coach companies?”, Jan 15)

Airlines and private transport companies in Singapore have lifted the fuel levy after the oil prices declined.

It is not unreasonable for passengers to expect express bus companies to do likewise.

We have written to the Express Bus Agencies Association (EBAA) on the matter. The EBAA should not remain silent and should respond to the call from consumers to review the need for fuel charges.

We urge Mr Poh and the media to continue discussing this matter publicly so that the public is fully aware of the situation.

(Courtesy of TODAY newspaper in Singapore)

Came back from Genting Highlands on Wednesday. Just before coming back to Singapore , the coach company’s buses filled up with cheap, subsidised Malaysian fuel in Johor Baru.

I have never seen any of them filling up with fuel ONCE in Singapore in my years of travel to Malaysia. Consumers should not allow themselves to be bullied into paying for the unjustified fuel levy.


1. Fly

2. Buy bus ticket from JB (much cheaper, lots of choices)

3. Take the train from JB (for seniors above 55 entitled to discount)

4. Travel less

I’ve explained in detail how to do it in an earlier blog on Jan 17.

Readers have also written to the papers to complain about businesses jacking up prices during CNY e.g. bak kwa (roasted meat), hair cuts etc. Consumers need not feel helpless if they cultivate the mindset of being more assertive.

Maybe it’s hard but don’t eat bak kwa. It’s packed with oil and cholesterol anyway. Unless you look like Early Man, is it really necessary to have a hair cut? I don’t. Long hair is quite fashionable, you know. A friend says he doesn’t drink coffee at the coffee shop. “What for? They anyhow increased the price,” he said with barely concealed contempt.

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