BBC’s refusal to broadcast appeal in aid of Gaza victims is disgusting

I am appalled by the BBC’s stubborn refusal to broadcast an appeal for aid for Gaza victims. This an appeal by a group of charities but the BBC’s stance is that it’ll compromise its impartiality.

This is a purely humanitarian appeal and not at all about politics. More than 1000 people, including 400 children, were killed by Israeli invasion of Gaza, and BBC is prevaricating.

The BBC is disgusting. Its stature will diminish if it persists in ignoring the realities.


2 Responses to “BBC’s refusal to broadcast appeal in aid of Gaza victims is disgusting”

  1. They have taken a stand. Perhaps we need to respect them for that. I doubt they will relent.

  2. Yes, you have a good point there. However, the crux of the controversy is the BBC’s outright rejection of the proposed appeal. If it fears for the repercussions, it could stitch together its own form of appeal, and broadcast it. Being a global outfit the BBC will lose its high moral ground if it fails to respond positively.

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