Animal cruelty in Vietnam

Killing animals for festive reason is a common practice in many Asian cultures. I have no problem with this as long as the animals are slaughtered in a humane way to cause the least suffering and pain to the poor animals. Like humans, animals also feel pain.

So it was with distress when I read about how the buffalo and pig are slaughtered in a horrible manner in Vietnam.

In Vietnamese folklore, the hardworking buffalo has always occupied a place of honour.

To celebrate the Year of the Buffalo, there have been buffalo-hitting festivals in Vietnam. One ritual involved tying up a buffalo while young men danced around it and speared it with lances. As for pigs they are beheaded.

Imagine the pain and suffering these animals had to go through before they died. This is animal cruelty.

There are even organised tours to watch these rituals. Tourists should refuse to go on such barbaric tours.

This form of animal cruelty gives Vietnam a bad name and the authorities should ban these rituals.


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  1. Happy Lunar New Year to you, Sir.

    Feel free to visit to find out more about why they do such a brtual act.

    Take care & best regards

  2. Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family, Ezzy and also to everyone in Peirce. Hope to catch up with you one day.

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