Animal Cruelty Part 2

Sometimes people do things in the name of fun without realising that they are guilty of animal cruelty. Some defend it by claiming it’s part of their culture and tradition. A example that springs to mind is bullfighting in some countries, notably in Spain, Portugal and parts of France. It’s a blood sport that results in the death of the bull by a sword thrust.

In Yunnan, China, I saw dogs in little cages by the roadside outside restaurants, fated to be slaughtered. When asked why they eat dogs, the Chinese would tell you that dog meat keeps you warm during winter.

On the Indonesian island of Samosir in Lake Toba, the locals catch wild cats to eat. I tried to convince them that cats are useful pets to have around the house.

It’s part of many Asian cultures to eat not only dogs and cats but also other endangered animals like the tiger for their body parts. Animals ,like humans, crave comfort, pleasure and a life free from danger.

Imagine if the situation were reversed. How would you feel?


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  1. Yes and birds kept in tiny cages are made to sing, the most cruel and inhumane act by people. Do we need to do this insane act. Go to some of the housing estates where they have singing competition for birds.

    And they are supposed to be bird lovers?

  2. An excellent observation. Nature gave birds wings to fly and soar into the sky and be free. Agree with you that it’s most cruel. Sometimes I have this urge to open up the cages and let the poor imprisoned birds free from their shackles. As a birdwatcher, I derive so much pleasure in watching the birds in the wild.

  3. Check out ONG KIEM SIAN, a personal friend, who trudges through mud, marshes and murky water to take the most beautiful images of birds in SEAsia.

    She has documented them in a book A PASSION FOR BIRDS (Draco Pub: 2008) with a foreward by LKY.

    A sincere, genuine, unconditional love for birds and all creatures!

  4. (Draco Publishing: 2008)

  5. Sorry, Year: 2008

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