Eating dogs in China

In the early 80s I visited China for the first time when the country was just opening up to the outside world.

What struck me as I travelled around was the pronounced lack of bird life. Having lived in a kampung (village) with its abundant bird life I noticed this sort of thing.

China has a history of more than 5000 years so during times of famines birds didn’t stand a chance. On reflection perhaps we can’t accuse the Chinese of animal cruelty.

Even more surprising was the remarkable absence of lizards in my budget hotel rooms. Later I saw their skeletal remains on sale by the roadside, purportedly for their medicinal value.

I did not see a single cat as well. However, I was pleasantly astonished, after failure to spot a single dog in days, to see small pet dogs with their doting owners.

I have spoken to Chinese youths, and most of them admitted they ate dogs. “To keep us warm in winter” was the common reason.


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  1. Chinese people are often bluntly honest and they often catch us with our pants down. I am a US citizen, whose family has been in the Navy for three generations.

  2. Hehe, remember the Chinese literally eat anything that is edible. =D

    My uncle, from Canton, tried to convinced me to try his claypot (dog/cat/rice field mouse) rice. He said it’s like tonic, very good for our bodies.

    I agree it smells great but after he has told me, I took a step back and not willing to try. If he had not uttered a word, perhaps I may really digged in.

    Take care & best regards

  3. Oh my goodness. If you had eaten then told what went into the pot then how? Even frog legs, a dish popular with Chinese revolts me.

  4. Eating meat or other foodstuff that’s strange to many not be so to natives of that particular country, culture and creed. What is unhygienic or filthy to us may not be to others.

    Remember the durian? And ants? Scorpions? Monkey flesh? Puffer Fish? Exotic? Not really.

    We are our environment.

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