Asian Cup violence in Singapore vs Jordan

Once again violence has erupted in Asian soccer. This time the Jordanian team attacked Singapore players and even an official after the game, obviously sore at having been beaten by Singapore 2-1

In my view the Asian Football Federation (AFC) is not tough enough when dealing with disciplinary issues so soccer teams take advantage of its leniency.

Two recent incidents in the Tiger Cup (now re-named ASEAN SUZUKI CUP):

  1. Thailand disputed a Singapore goal and stopped the game for almost 15 mins

  2. Vietnam disputed a Singapore goal, claiming the free kick was not taken properly and also stopped the game

Their punishment? A slap on the wrist. No wonder players and officials lack respect for AFC.

And now this.

And yes I can’t ignore the violence that broke out among the fans when Vietnam played the second-leg semi-final here. There were press reports of Vietnamese fans being attacked by Singapore fans. This is totally unacceptable and wrong. What’s happened to all the investigations we read about?

What has AFC done?

Surely it can’t be business as usual?

AFC needs to be tougher in its disciplinary measures. Soccer violence brings the game into disrepute.

Otherwise, the circus will go on.


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