Spain’s animals cruelty practice in bullfighting

According to a news report a 11-year-old Spanish boy killed 7 calves in a bullfight, prompting Spanish authorities to apply to Guinness for a record. But Guinness rebuffed them as killing animals does not entitle anyone to a record. I applaud Guinness for their action.

Animal rights groups have long condemned Spain for their bullfighting tradition. Animal cruelty has to stop in Spain, regarded by many as a cultured and civilised nation.

Unless Spain stops it animals cruelty tradition I’ll never visit the country nor buy Spanish goods. All animal loving countries should boycott Spanish products and stop visiting the country.

One of the hallmarks of a cultured and gracious country is the humane way they treat their animals. In this respect Spain fails abysmally.


3 Responses to “Spain’s animals cruelty practice in bullfighting”

  1. Have always wanted to see a bull fight. Maybe I shouldn’t listen to Ernest Hemingway and not visit Spain just to see one.

    But it is exciting.

  2. Another hallmark of civilisation is ethical consistency and the absence of hypocrixy.

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