Chingay 2009 – its commercial side shocks people

It’s scandalous that Chingay is now commercialised. To watch the performances we have to buy tickets which cost from $30 to $60 for the hour-long show.

In the past the masses could watch for free. Going even back further, Chingay floats snaked their way to the housing estates.

The annual Chingay is made possible by volunteers, the schools and universities, donors, organisations and foreign contingents. It’s part of CNY celebration and should be free for everybody and not only for the affluent.

This state of affairs is disquieting. Will they find an excuse to charge for the National Day parade? I won’t be surprised.

This habit of chasing after every dollar in our pockets distresses me.


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  2. Thank you for highlighting the commercialization of the Chinggay Parade. Because of a very kind and dedicated friend of the Arts I was given two tickets for Chingay seats in 2006 or else I had to buy them for $45.00 each.

    I love Chingay even at this age but with an aching back I gave it up last Saturday and went home, upset because I couldn’t watch the show. I had refused to pay for a ticket and had been missing the show every year.

    Why are citizens subjected this malady?

  3. Shame on the organisers. Shame, shame.

  4. I took lots of Chingay pictures but since I disagree with their policy of commercialising the event why should I upload the photos and give them free publicity? Imagine if tourists snap up all the tickets then Singaporeans will be shut out of their own cultural heritage. Impossible? Think again…

  5. How true. ‘Tis better to receive than to give. The Chingay organising committee must seriously look into this matter. At least allow interested Singapore seniors free seats.

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