Silkair, stop this discriminatory practice

In the last 2 days Silkair has been advertising their promotional fares to regional destinations. The prices look attractive certainly except there’s one catch: like its parent company SIA, Silkair demands two to travel out and travel back.

I asked Bernard, a brilliant mathematician, about the two-to-go proviso. “Now, Bernard, if two persons were to go separately isn’t it the same. 1 plus 1 is still 2, isn’t it?” I asked.

Thinking I was laying a trap of some kind for him, he glared at me. “Of course. It’s just a gimmick.”

It’s not easy to get a travelling partner. Silkair senior management should themselves give it a try.

Silkair needs to change its business strategy. Its two-to-go is at best a clever strategy, at worst, discriminatory.

For a regular independent traveller like me, and there are thousands in similar predicament, Silkair has therefore lost us as potential customers.

Ok, look askance at independent travellers. Fortunately there are many other airlines without this discriminatory practice. In this financial crisis, Silkair would be foolish to persist with this practice.

Now, Malaysia Airlines today also has some attractive offers. Let me…


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  2. The only time I could enjoy a ride in SIA was in 1985 when I managed to buy a return ticket from Winnipeg, Canada. Tickets there were so reasonably priced with the students’ concession that I was the envy of many ‘underprivileged’ in Singapore.

    I haven’t had a ride in SIA since. I can’t afford the exorbitant sums they charge. Like the Chingay Parade, it’s all for profit.

    Does anything else matter?

  3. I travelled to the UK in the 80s because of my studies but struggled to buy a ticket to London. The most inexpensive fare I managed to buy was from Malaysian Airlines.

    And everyday we are talking of supporting our own industries. Why can’t they support us sometimes?

  4. I think Roger Poh has been fair in his treatment of topics he chose to write. I hope the authorities in charge who have been reading his blogs will take appropriate measures to help.

    Think people not profits.

  5. Many share your views. Ironical , isn’t it? SIA is pitched at the monied class. The rest of us they’d say EXCUSE ME, PLEASE TRAVEL ON TIGER OR JETSTAR.. YOU DON’T BELONG HERE.

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