Chingay 2009, review ticket policy

I’ve just seen the movie Seabiscuit – about a racing horse. One race day, the crowds came in their thousands to watch the horse Seabiscuit race but were locked out.

Upset that the crowds were denied the chance to watch the race, the horse owner said, “You don’t have to be rich to watch this race.”

Now, we can tell the Chingay organisers: We don’t have to be rich to watch Chingay, do we?”

Tickets to watch Chingay performances cost between $30 to $60. Those without tickets can see the performers walking past them, maybe you might get a wave from them if you’re lucky. Crumbs, that’s what you get really.

I call upon the authorities to review this policy of with-ticket-can-watch Chingay.

No ticket, sir? Please don’t block the way. Get…

Thaipusam will be on Sunday. Hope the organisers won’t be like Chingay.


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  1. I doubt those who wish to watch Thaipusam will be charged at all.

    I think Chingay has been commercialised so much the Tourist Promotion Board has gone astray with its inital objectives for the parade.

    A few years ago I trudged all the way to the PA at Kallang to get two tickets only to be told they are available for sale.

    Singaporeans are not able to enjoy their fruit of their own labour.

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