Silkair and SIA discriminatory marketing practices

Silkair advertised again their 2 to go specials. Get a “companion” it says and you can enjoy the secrets of Asia in Bangkok, Danang, Siem Reap etc

If only it were so easy to look for a companion.

Seems Silkair and its parent company, SIA, are the only airlines in the world to have, in my view, this sort of discriminatory practice.

If other businesses were to be copycats, consumers in Singapore will be in big trouble. Imagine the cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants etc require you to have a companion before you are eligible for their so-called special offers.

Want a discount on your coffee? Good, but please bring a companion.

Whenever I spot a Silkair / SIA so-called promotional offers, I skip them knowing I won’t be able to find a companion. Unless I advertise for one.

On second thought if Silkair/ SIA thought their 2 to go marketing strategy is so brilliant, why other airlines have not followed suit? Hmm… a mystery here.


3 Responses to “Silkair and SIA discriminatory marketing practices”

  1. It’s for profit. Again nothing else matters. And the strategy fills seats so these airlines can justify “full flights always on our carriers” in their advertisements.

    A marketing ploy? Boy oh boy!

  2. Now with the economic downturn, they may not be able to get a full passenger load.

  3. That’s precisely why they need to sell those tickets in bulk. With a discount, they hope to sell more. While cutting into their profits, it will still be much better than running a loss.

    Without passengers, the maintenance and salaries will be a pain to bear. Haha

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