SBS Transit bus attack in JB

The news that an SBS bus was attacked in Johor Baru is shocking. Robbers wielding parangs attacked the driver in an attempt to force him to stop the bus.

This took place right in the heart of the city centre, a spitting distance away from the police station! This says a lot about the security situation in JB. We have been given a lot of assurances that JB is now safe. More cops on the roads, mobile police posts in areas Singaporeans shop, crime has fallen etc but it’s all “chakap saja” (talk only).

Criminal elements seem to roam at will.

Singaporeans who go to JB must always be alert and careful. Don’t go wandering in back lanes, even in daytime, and in dimly lit areas at night.

Singaporeans are easily identified by their Chinese accent and use of English.

Don’t be a victim.


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  1. Good morning Sir,

    With the economic downturn globally, many have lost their jobs which were their only source of income. And yet while they are trying very hard to make their ends meet, they saw those who flaunt their assets. It’s pretty hard for them to control as the finanical situations force them not to behave in a morally upright manner. It becomes the law of the jungle, “May the fittest survive.”

    The only way to prevent such an unfortunate event to happen again. We have to first make sure that everyone remains hired. And in difficult times, avoid the place at all cost. =D

    Just my 2 cents worth of comments.

    Take care & best regards

  2. Yes, even driving into the country could prove a hazard. I have been extorted by uniformed officers who make a lucrative business by waylaying motorists at road junctions.

    Shouldn’t they be arresting ‘criminal elements’?

  3. Ezzy, you’re right. Desperation in tough times like these drive people into crime. Many would agree with your advice to avoid JB. It may be an extreme view but they see JB as a haven for criminal elements.

    As pointed out by John Ng, the enforcement officers should focus on arresting these criminal elements instead of targeting Singaporean motorists to line their own pockets. Like John Ng I was also a victim of these so-called uniformed officers.

  4. haha, sir. Sorry to sound a little negative but self preservation is our primary concern now.

    Oh come on, those uniformed enforcement officers have 2 jobs. Day time as enforcers and night time as the frightening ones. What you sirs met are only the corrupted ones. =D

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