Chingay 2009 is more like Disneyland?

A letter in the Straits Times Forum Page yesterday chided the organisers for a watered-down version of Chingay 2009 that was more like a Disneyland parade. The spirit of the traditional Chingay and Chinese New Year was sorely missing.

Having watched Chingay 2009, I share his deep disappointment. At least one item was recycled from Christmas 2008 as one of the floats bore the words “Celebrate Christmas in Singapore”.

Apart from the obligatory lion dance and firecrackers, the big-headed dolls, traditional Chinese music, stilt-walkers were missing. In their place were folk dances from neighbouring countries, floats from NTU, Singapore Pools etc.

Tourists expecting to see some Chinese culture must have been puzzled.

Perhaps, the organisers wanted to pander to their tastes.


2 Responses to “Chingay 2009 is more like Disneyland?”

  1. I am glad I didn’t pay the obligatory amount for some rehash mishmash for my Saturday night bash!

  2. Luckily you were not conned into paying good money to see the so-called “Chingay”.

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