SIA and SilkAir, review your two- to-go ploy

The suspension of SIA’s flights to Vancouver is another indication of the global downturn in travel. SIA has also scaled down flights to India, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Both SIA and SilkAir’s short haul flights seem to be unaffected. However, they can enjoy greater business if they ditch their two-to-go marketing ploy which requires two persons to travel out like Siamese twins and to return together.

At best this seems like a smart marketing strategy, at worse it’s discriminatory . Sticking rigidly to this strategy is both unrealistic, given the economic downturn, and silly. Don’t two separate individuals add up to two passengers as well? My maths may be flawed here since I have never been good at maths but one plus one I believe still equals to two.

If they abandon this practice I’ll be their passenger tomorrow.


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  2. subject: Singapore airlines promotions – 2 to go from Singapore to Shanghai in januari 2005 scam

    I knew that they won’t refund or change the tickets, but that you actually have to be physically in the plane together to use the tickets, even if one of the parties can’t travel, went beyond me. Even that the price that we have paid was higher than the price of a single ticket, I couldn’t go by myself on that plane.

    Customer service just told me to buy two new tickets. I guess that they gonna use the two empty seats on that plane to resell it. I just call that a scam. Now I fly with Garuda from Singapore to Shanghai, they are cheaper, always on time and nice staff. For me never again Singapore airlines. Julie A Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_71841# Consumer

    (He calls it a scam but if this is true then it’s incredible)

  3. Terrible what SIA does. And we can’t do a thing to stop this practice. Or can we?

    I can’t afford to go by SIA and isn’t it ironical? I am Singaporean but can’t fly Singapore Airlines.

    Perhaps they should rework their sums and allow a poor senior citizen like me a chance in their cheapest cabin?

  4. If I understand the complainant correctly what he’s saying is that under the two-to-go promotion, if one party can’t go with you then you can’t board the plane. In other words, your tickets are invalid. If this is true then it’s patently ridiculous.

    Don’t you think so?

  5. Similar plight with singles who wanted to purchase HDB apartments some years ago. Have the authorities amended this anomaly or does the rule still stand?

    SIA could adjust theirs too? Two to go? Get a mistress or lover. Ridiculous.

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