SIA and Qatar Airways, who is smart

Both Qatar Airways and SIA splashed big adverts today in the papers.

What’s the difference?

  1. I took the trouble to read Qatar Airways’ advert, and ignored SIA’s.

  2. Qatar  points out that theirs is “Minimum 1 to go” (a pointed jibe at SIA’s 2-to-go?)

The essential point here is that I might be a potential customer of Qatar.

You may accuse me of disloyalty in not supporting the national carrier. Friend, it’s not my fault when they purposely slam the door in my face with their ridiculous 2 to go tickets. Even more preposterous is the requirement that the 2 passengers must also return together!

Who qualify for SIA’s 2 to go tickets?



-wives who tell their husbands, “Wherever you go, I follow”

-inseparable pals

-those who can grab a stranger on the street to make up the numbers

Does SIA senior management know what it’s doing?


2 Responses to “SIA and Qatar Airways, who is smart”

  1. Dear sir,
    For everything, there’s a season and for everything, there’s a reason. Reason for SIA’s predicament, yes predicament? They don’t know what they are doing because it’s always profit first.

    Wow! Loyalty to SIA? To the nation? Are they loyal to their Singaporean passengers? Why should they be?

    It’s always profit. Fly Qatar or MAS or Cathay!

  2. Your views are spot on. When I fly SIA / SilkAir is never on my radar. Cathay Pacific, Emirates, JAL and now Qatar yes. Conraj Raj of TODAY paper wrote in a recent article that SIA is arrogant. Agree?

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