Yishun Library – probably the worst library in Singapore?

The new Yishun Library in Northpoint shopping mall is impressive. However, what is less impressive are the library users. If there is a vote for the noisiest ­public library Yishun Library wins hands down.

Much of the noise is generated by two parties. One, by little kids running excitedly and chattering loudly as though they were shopping with their parents . Two, by students from the many neighboring schools who treat the library as a place to socialise and gossip, all in air-conditioned comfort mind you.

Library staff, perhaps immune to the noise, ignore the inconsiderate behaviour. The periodic library appeals for library users to be considerate and for children not to run about, shout or climb up library furniture on pain of ejection from the library fall on deaf ears.

Unless library staff are stricter, noise will continue to be the norm in our public libraries. Offending students could be reported to their schools. Little kids need a sharp rebuke to remind them to behave.

Perhaps, our public libraries need a full-time staff member whose sole task is to ensure compliance with proper library etiquette.

This way all library users can enjoy the peace and quiet of a library to read or do research without constant noisy distractions.

The National Library Board should do more to achieve this objective.


3 Responses to “Yishun Library – probably the worst library in Singapore?”

  1. Euphoria for all the wrong reasons, like the aircondtioning, plush wall to wall carpets, freedom to express without fear of reprisal and magazines to take home without having to pay a fortune for. I miss the quiet of the old National Library near Stamford Road.

    Enforce stricter rules as these chaps will never learn!

  2. These days I find myself playing the role of enforcer as I try to rein in over exuberant kids but I realise it’s not my job. As my friend Alvin quipped, “I find the book stores even quieter than our libraries.” Food for thought.

  3. As I’ve discussed this sometime back when Mr Poh wrote about such undesirable behaviours observed in our local National Libraries, that because of the economic downturn, more people see this as a free resource to babysit their children. Free airconditioning, huge space to groom them physically in their fitness level & great socialising area for their children to mingle with others.

    Turst me, my fellow netizens, reserve the books that you wish to read online and pick them up when ready. Else, patronising the bookstores are your safest bet. =D

    For the true avid readers….

    Take care & best regards
    Ezzy Chan

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