Singapore Library – Sengkang Library is probably the second worst library in Singapore?

You may disagree but from my observation of both Yishun and Sengkang Library, I vote the latter as the second worst library in Singapore.

Why? you may well ask.

Sengkang Library is probably the only library (and I frequent libraries all over Singapore) that has no proper chairs and not a single table. For your posterior your only comfort are the hard bench seats. Go to this library and you’ll see library users sitting on the cushioned floor which at least confers some degree of comfort. Ingenuity prevails with students converting the bench seats into tables!

I wrote to NLB but you know what it’s like with bureaucrats – their decisions are cast in stone. Their reply came with the shocking disclosure that since the library is a DIY library proper chairs and tables are therefore deemed unsuitable!

DIY library? OMG! If I had not hung on to the railings on my balcony while reading the reply I’d have plunged 10 storeys.

The implication is that you go to the library, borrow your books, beat a hasty retreat and don’t hang around or else you’ll attract disapproving stares.

C’mon, NLB, I wasn’t born yesterday. I have been going to the library since its days in one corner of the National Museum.

I “invite” senior management of NLB to “test drive” the library and see things for themselves.

Goodness, even book stores have proper chairs, armchairs at that.

Sengkang Library catchment areas include not only Sengkang but also Punggol, Seletar Hills and Jalan Kayu. Surely these residents deserve something better?

Look at Hougang Mall Library which is also located in a shopping mall and about the same size. You’ll see proper chairs with back rests and a cushioned bench seat and a proper table for reading newspapers.

I am not asking for designer armchairs. Just proper chairs with backrests even if they are not cushioned. And tables for the poor students who are forced to sit on the floor hours on end.

By the way, if NLB is agreeable I could donate a few chairs and armchairs to Sengkang Library. This is known as walking the talk, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “Singapore Library – Sengkang Library is probably the second worst library in Singapore?”

  1. Sometimes I do have the feel you are just like a “hero” in legend that speaks up for the public on “NLB” true factors on the facilities that enables us in comfy environment… I also do source around in singapore Library … wondering Am i be able to meet you up old pal……. hooray….

  2. Having travelled extensively in the region, I must admit that our public libraries are one of the best but the same cannot be said of the library patrons.

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