Singapore Police Force – why no action in assault case on MRT?

The victim of an assault on the MRT was told it was pointless for the police to investigate as his assailant could not be identified. He recounted the case in his letter to the Straits Times today.

If his claim is true then it’s indeed shocking that the police refused to take any action although the victim said he was confident of identifying the culprit. Besides, there were witnesses as well.

The police force should adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards all forms of thuggish and violent behaviour. Failure to do so will not only encourage such behaviour to escalate but force people to take the law into their own hands which will pose more problems for the authorities.

Already there are many crimes being perpetrated in broad daylight. Clearly With the lack of police patrols in Singapore criminal elements are taking their chances, and when police refuse to act in assault cases against innocent members of the public then law and order will be increasingly difficult to uphold in Singapore.

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