Singapore Police Force, time to be tougher

Criminal activity in Singapore seems to be on the rise. Every day we read in the papers of snatch thefts, lift robberies, burglaries in broad daylight, assaults, murders and so on.

In clubbing areas, fights are all too common. Many are beginning to worry about their personal safety because in some of these cases the police are not taking any action.

It’s like a football game. When the referee is lenient, players will take advantage.

I used to feel safe before but not now. I wonder if you feel the same way or am I imagining things or overreacting?

Prompt response is good but prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “Singapore Police Force, time to be tougher”

  1. One of Britain’s most prolific sexual predators was allowed to remain free to drug, rape and assault more than 100 women over six years after police repeatedly failed to respond to the complaints of his victims. (Courtesy of The Guardian, Mar 14)

  2. Why is the police not taking action? Are they unable to cope with the situation? Is there a shortage of officers? Are there priorities when they deal with criminal activities?

    The department needs to answer and provide statistics for the increasing crime rate in Singapore within the context of the country itself. It is a fallacy to compare it with other countries and announce that the situation is under control.

    The public is losing faith with our men in blue. And the horizon’s turning black.

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