Singapore Police Force (SPF), time to act tough against criminal elements

In a letter to the Straits Times in reply to a complaint of an assault on the MRT train, the police explained that they did not dissuade the complainant from making a police report, and that in this sort of case he has to file for a magistrate order.

OK, fair enough, that’s the procedure.

But what disappointed me was that in their reply the police did not send out a strong signal that they did not condone this kind of misdemeanor.

What if you don’t file for a magistrate order? It means that I can punch and whack you and can walk away without any punishment if you don’t file for a magistrate order so that the police can then take action.

Because of this requirement, people are becoming bolder and going around throwing their weight around.

The New Paper carried a report in which the complainant demonstrated how he was assaulted on the train.

On the following page there was another report in which three men on the way to work at their cafe were beaten up by a group of men.

My friend’s son was attacked one night at Raffles Place.

See what I mean?

Why is SPF so soft these days? It’s wise to nip things in the bud before they get worse, isn’t it?

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