Singapore Police Force (SPF), increase your police presence Part 1

Hithertoo Singaporeans have enjoyed a low crime rate thanks in no small measure to SPF. But of late there have been many cases of thuggish and violent behaviour against innocent members of the public.

What worries many people is that there is no justice for the victims in many of these cases because police deems such cases as non-seizable (read: minor, simple hurt).

The trend of thuggish and violent behaviour must not be allowed to escalate any further. One way is to increase police presence in our streets, HDB estates and all public places.

The other way is to call up the perps, question them, record their “crime” in a database, give them a stern warning and make them come back for another appointment for a follow-up. They must not be allowed to feel that they can go around assaulting people and then bragging, “See, even police can’t touch me.”

Chances are they’ll perpetuate such behaviour.

Would SPF want to be a laughing stock?

I have great respect for our men in blue but, to be brutally honest, it’s fast waning.

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